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Internet Security

Security of Your Data at Fleet Manager®

In order to access your data through Fleet Manager®, you will be required to enter a user ID and password. The user ID and password are uniquely associated with your fleet data and restrict unauthorized users from viewing or retrieving data and reports. For a second layer of security, Fleet Manager employs a sophisticated firewall that protects the web and database servers from hackers and intruders attempting to gain access to your fleet data.

Security of Your Data across the Internet

A third layer of security is data encryption, or Secure Socket Layer (SSL), between the web server and your browser. Encryption helps prevent technically sophisticated individuals who have the desire, tools, and opportunity from intercepting your data as it travels over the Internet.

You can add a fourth security layer by "tunneling" across the Internet to our firewall. Tunneling requires installation of additional software and a fixed IP address, which may be acquired from your local systems administrator or Internet service provider.

Internal Security for User IDs and Passwords

Anyone possessing your account number, user ID and password can access your account, order new cards, and cause financial injury to you. You must keep your User ID and password confidential. Should you believe unauthorized persons have access to either your User ID or password notify your Customer Service Department immediately.

Technical questions and concerns relating to security should be directed to the WEX Inc. Webmaster at For questions relating to usage, call your Customer Service Department.

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